Welcome to the next step in Growers International evolution!

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Not so long ago...

The grwi.io website was at the center of the Growers International operations:

There you could find information about GrowersCoin, the Growers Suite toolset, a questions and answers Help Desk and our Store.

A few months ago, we developed GrowBot and launched the beta test within the grwi.io domain:

Then we teamed up with the guys at Semanic Juice and brought up Growers.today:

Then we stopped, reviewed our mission and started to rethink everything. In the end, we came up with something that implied a massive change.

Thus, GRWI v2 was born. And we started to work on it.

Welcome to the new age

All the contents of the original grwi.io website were reorganized and divided in topic-centered websites:

The new grwi.io website:

> Provides information about our company.

> Contains all information about our cryptocurrency, GrowersCoin.

> Is the center of the news updates.


> Is a tickets-based system built to help our users.

> All support requests are managed by email.

> Our staff monitors requests 24/7 to provide assistance as soon as it arrives.


The center of our new memberships system and open discussion forums.

> Everyone can register for free, and their credentials can be used on the other GRWI websites.

> By holding GrowersCoin in their Blockchain Financial wallets, members jump on our Tiers System and get extra features.


> Previously known as "Growers Today"

> Gathers news from different online sources from the Cannabis Industry

> Gathers news from cryptocurrency-related websites that affect the crypto-cannabis ecosystems.


> The Growers Suite toolset now lives here.

> GrowBot now lives here.

> Other tools will be added afterwards.


> A user-driven Q&A system for growing topics.

> Integrated with Blockchain Financial's CryptoWiz to provide tipping to users with cryptocurrencies.

> Under development.


> The original Growers International products catalog will be moved here.

> Users will be able to create their own stores and sell goods and services with very low comissions.

> Under development.

We're still working 

At the moment of writing this article, everything from the old grwi.io website has been relocated and some of the systems to serve new features were put in place.

There's a lot of work to do and we're pushing hard to get it done as fast as possible.

Stay close to us and follow us on our social networks! We'll begin to deliver updates, and we'll appreciate your input!

The Growers International Team.