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Latest version: 1.2.1 • Released on December 24, 2019, 17:00 CST
Non-mandatory update.


    • Cosmetic changes
    • Added DNS seeds for faster blockchain syncing.
    • Removed Twitter feed

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Select your Operating System:

Microsoft Windows:
Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 (32 & 64 bits).

Graphical wallet for desktop.
     SHA1: 6eecbd6fbbdd7da825e49f505af8220aa3d522da
NEW! Daemon binary with helper scripts.
     SHA1: 29bc9e63be349a5ae6778a46ff10ea00a024ce44

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Apple MacOS:
Only for Intel 64-bit OSX versions starting from Lion (10.7), Catalina (10.15) ready.

Graphical wallet for desktop.
     SHA1: 2a753844c58e3f59b172ad5ab3bc5fbb3a8093bb
NEW! Daemon binary.
     SHA1: aa4655eb1c93b0cffd5f812b91c128f3b0de977e

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The next downloads are for up-to-date systems (Ubuntu 16.04+, CentOS 7, etc.),
built on Ubuntu 16.04 using GLIBC 2.23:
Graphical wallet for 64-bit desktops.
     SHA1: 91a8790a592716673810e03a3b6f45a126fe9681
Graphical wallet for 32-bit desktops.
     SHA1: 6842c8ca3561cff10737b166a1c45a65eec25528
Daemon binary for 64-bit servers.
     SHA1: da16ce0ef7cb7b0679750128b0dcc5855713e3aa
Daemon binary for 32-bit servers.
     SHA1: ebea6b072de5b40fc0c59e1503c350fea558979c

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The next download is for outdated systems (Ubuntu 12.04+, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, etc.),
built on Ubuntu 12.04 using GLIBC 2.15:
Daemon binary for 64-bit servers.
     SHA1: 6ec23ad3e81c27b0420ba19fbeca8ed611934af0

Addnodes for syncing with the P2P network:

These might not be necessary since the network has a DNS seed and 3 root nodes.

For quicker syncing, download the bootstrap file

Updated: October 27, 2021 • Size: 1.6GB
SHA1 hash: b47966ba908ed05d7e0e7c6202f762d215f0a913

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Wallets pre-1.2.1