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Register at Grower Tools and gain access to GrowBot, our state-of-the-art cryptocurrencies trading bot.

GrowBot features at a glance

Multiple assets supported: GrowBot is mainly focused on the GrowersCoin, but also supports Cannabis-friendly cryptocurrencies, and, if you go deep into our User Tiers system, you can add as many assets/markets as you want from our supported exchanges.

Aggregated news services: We monitor official feeds and media channels of all the Cannabis-friendly coins in our listings. Also, we hook into RSS feeds of major cryptocurrency news sources, including CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk and among others. All this to show you the contents on grouped feeds inside a widget.

Access to all Growers Intl. services: If you're a Cannabis enthusiast, you can follow our news and announcements and even chat with us!
And if you're a Cannabis-related entrepreneur, you can browse our entire shopping catalog from the bot.

Access to wallet balances: We support external wallets like Blockchain Financial, and we show you the balances of all your coins (yes, all of them), so you can have a single place to see the entire value of your portfolio. You can even get deposit addresses and issue withdrawals from our bot!

Basic trading services: We support trading with multiple exchanges. You can pick an exchange/market and show the order books, then buy or sell coins in standard limit orders. Our basic trading forms will calculate any fees and give you the closest match to your transaction totals. You will also watch your open orders and trading history!

Advanced trading services: Pros can gain access to automated tasks by jumping into higher User Tiers! Our advanced trading system includes time-based buys/sells, trigger based buys/sells and even volume-centric transactions! ...But leaving the bot working for you is not enough for us... we moved ahead and added two killer features: task presets and a task testing mode!

Fully responsive: Our bot is designed to run on any device type of any display size with any modern browser (except, well, you know, IE below 11). We're working on apps for iOS and Android devices, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels if you want to know when they become available!


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