We’ve added so much to the new GRWI, it’s hard to know where to begin! Here’s a list of some of the features the website / token offer now or will very soon (when our transition to the Ethereum blockchain is finished).

  • Huge Marketplace – Over 14,000 grow-related products and more added all the time!

  • Help Desk – Do you have grow questions? We want to help! Ask our community anything you want and we will do our level best to make sure you get a high-quality response from our team of experts and extremely well-informed community members.

  • Chat – The new website features instant-messenger style messaging, no sign up required! Just open the ‘Chats’ window in the lower right of this page to get started. We also have chat ‘groups’ which are basically topical chat rooms. You can hang out with your fellow growers in the ‘Everyone’ group, and we’ll add more specialized groups soon as the community develops.

  • Server Wallets(This feature is not currently available until our ERC20 transition is complete) It is already functional though, ready to go. You will no longer need to run a GRWI wallet on your local computer, our new eStakes system will send you your payouts regardless.

We’ll be updating this document more over the next few days, please check back after the dust settles!