How to upgrade your Windows wallet to GrowersCoin 1.2.1

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There has been a major change in the Windows wallet for GrowersCoin: the previous version contained all the dependencies detached from the executable file. This version has been built with everything encapsulated, so a single executable is needed.

Backup your files first!

Open a Windows Explorer window and type %appdata% in the location bar, then hit the Enter key:

Once you're in your "Application data" folder, locate the Growers folder and copy it anywhere else:

You might compress it and save it in a USB memory stick in case the upgrade goes wrong and you need to restore the files.

Upgrade your wallet

First, open the folder where your current wallet is placed, and keep it side to side with the downloaded zip file:

You might want to make a copy of all those files before upgrading, because none of them are needed.

Delete all the files and extract the new growers-qt.exe file from the zip in the same folder:

That's all. Just run the exe and confirm the addition of the firewall rule if needed:

If you notice a difference in your balance or something goes wrong, you should restore the backup of the data files and the previous version files, then send us a message asking for help. We'll be glad to provide it!