How to upgrade your Mac wallet to GrowersCoin 1.2.1

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The GrowersCoin wallet for Mac suffered some internal changes:

  • The previous version was compiled for 32-bit CPUs, rendering the wallet unusable when upgrading the OS version to Catalina.
    This version has been compiled for 64-bit CPUs, making it compatible with Catalina but dropping support for older OS versions with 32 bits support, I.E. Mountain Lion and below.
  • There were times when the walled didn't load properly. This wallet has been tested in a handful of macs and worked properly at all times.

Backup your data files first!

Open a finder window and locate in your home folder:

Click on the "Go" menu and select the "Go to Folder..." option:

In the jump area, type "Library" and hit "Go":

You'll see your application data folder. Double click the "Application Support" folder:

Then locate the "Growers" folder and right click on it, then select "Compress Growers":

You'll end up with a zip file:

Keep it there or move it to your documents folder, an USB memory stick, etc.

Upgrading the app

After you download the Mac wallet from the downloads page, you'll have a zip file in your Downloads folder and your previous wallet app installed in either your user home folder or the Mac apps folder. You should have two finder windows to properly move the app as shown below:

First of all, you need to extract the zip by double clicking on it. Once extracted, you'll get a disk image. Double click on it to mount it:

After mounting the image you'll see the app inside:

Before replacing the app, make sure it is closed. If not, close it:

Once the app has quit, delete from the apps folder:

Then copy the new app from the disk image to the apps folder:

That's all. Now you can double click on the app icon and everything will be there.

If your wallet shows any discrepancy, please close the app, delete it, restore the previous version and the data backup, then send us a message asking for support, we'll gladly help you out.