How to upgrade your Linux wallet to GrowersCoin 1.2.1

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This version of the wallet didn't suffer any changes in the network and file management, but it is not prone to errors.

Before installing it, backup your data files

  • Opening the file manager in your home directory and backing up the .growers directory, or
  • Opening a console window and running tar -zcvf .growers growers-backup.tar.gz

If the wallet doesn't run after unpacking it

This issue might be caused by missing Qt libraries, and we'll find it out ahead.

First, right click on the directory window and select "Open in Terminal":

(Or just open a terminal window and cd to the directory containing the downloaded growers-qt).

Once you're on the terminal, run the binary:

As you can see, the problem is the missing QtGui library, so let's add it:

Type sudo apt-get install libqtgui4:

Confirm and wait until the files are downloaded and installed:

Now go back to the growers-qt folder and run it. It should open now:

If the wallet still doesn't open or you get a different error, please send us a message asking for help. We'll gladly help.