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User Tiers system

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The basic stuff

You can use GrowBot as guest, without registering, but you'll only have access to:

  • Global Cannabis markets stats
  • News sources
  • Order book updates
  • Some GRWI.io services

That's it. No balances monitoring, no assets managing and no trading.

When you register an account, you can access some of the most basic features:

  • Centralized portfolio management (get deposit addresses, withdraw, transfer) by binding accounts from external wallets and exchanges:
    • Access Blockchain Financial wallets by providing an API keypair.
    • Access all wallets on all supported exchanges from all User Tiers by providing API keypairs.

If you want to unlock more functions, you can join our Tiers System. You just need to hold some GRWI on a Blockchain Financial wallet and keep them there for as long you want to access the level linked to those funds:

Tier 1: Small GRWI holders

  • Trading Cannabis-oriented coins on the next exchanges:
  • Basic trading on the exchanges listed above.
  • Advanced trading:
    • Task presets and queues
    • Ping-pong trades
    • Trigger based trades: price-based triggers


  • A GrowBot account.
  • Have a Blockchain Financial account linked to the GrowBot account.
  • Hold 200 GRWI on the linked Blockchain Financial account.

Tier 2: Big GRWI holders

  • Tier 1 features.
  • Trading on additional major markets (non-Cannabis related) on all exchanges, including, but not limited to: BTC/USDT, BTC/LTC and BTC/DOGE among others.
  • Advanced trading:
    • Trigger based trades: day-based triggers
    • Timed trades
    • Testing mode for tasks


  • Tier 1 requirements.
  • Hold 500 GRWI on the linked Blockchain Financial account.

Tier 3: GRWI whales

  • Tier 2 features.
  • Trading on all markets offered on all exchanges (adding each market manually from the bot).
  • Advanced trading:
    • Volume warper
    • Dust generator


  • Tier 2 requirements.
  • Hold 12,000 GRWI on the linked Blockchain Financial account.

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