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Huawei CEO on Crypto: China Should Issue Its Own Libra

[Jul 26 11:00 AM] The past few weeks have been an absolute flurry for the crypto space. Facebook’s launch of Libra awoke something in the public, forcing anyone and everyone to take note of this budding industry. Related Reading: Fresh Bitcoin Uptrend May Start in…

Ethereum (ETH) Prices Back to Green, Surge 7% in 24 Hours

[Jul 25 7:00 PM] Ethereum (ETH) adds 7.6 percent Facebook’s Libra is more popular than ETH An independent research from eToro reveals that investors are more aware of Libra, a Facebook stablecoin set for launch in 2020, than Ethereum (ETH). Meanwhile, ETH is…

Facebook Libra Inspires a Wave of New Online Scams

[Jul 24 12:00 PM] Online criminals are impersonating as the representative of Facebook to lure victims into buying the social media platform’s yet-to-release cryptocurrency, Libra. According to the Washington Post, scammers lately ran ads through a dozen on…