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China Publishes New Rankings of 37 Crypto Projects

[Jul 31 4:27 AM] China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has published its latest crypto rankings. Thirty-seven projects have been evaluated and ranked overall as well as in three separate categories. Some favorites have changed and two…

Calls Intensify for Indian Government to Regulate Cryptocurrency

[Jul 29 9:15 AM] Since the Indian government unveiled a draft bill to ban cryptocurrency, the crypto community has ramped up its efforts to influence the government’s final decision. The community has plans to reach out to parliament members to show them how…

Large Regulated Token Sales Indicate ICOs May Be Coming Back

[Jul 28 8:15 PM] Initial coin offerings have seen a significant decline in popularity, but they are not to be written off completely. Although you don’t hear the term “ICO” so often nowadays, some recent regulatory developments indicate they have…