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Bitcoin Defies Correction Calls, Where Will BTC Go Next?

[yesterday 8:30 AM] Bitcoin’s epic weekend pump has continued into Monday as gains are holding. BTC is still above $9k but has hit resistance once again. Analysts and traders are looking for its next move and some are now eyeing altcoins for bigger gains. Bitcoin…

Crypto Exchange Gemini On the Rise After CBS Airs Bitcoin Feature

[Jun 16 11:00 PM] On Sunday morning, the American public got another boost of exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto assets. Renowned New York-based outlet CBS released an extensive feature on the leading cryptocurrency, interviewing the Winklevoss Twins about their…

Bitcoin Trades for a Premium in Hong Kong During Protests

[Jun 16 9:45 PM] Right now, thousands of citizens from Hong Kong are protesting certain leaders and opposing a proposed extradition law. Alongside the protests, the country’s political issues are reportedly pushing wealthy Hong Kong residents to move their…