$GRWI is moving to Ethereum ERC20!

Growers International ($GRWI) is forking to utilize Ethereum blockchain capabilities.

  • dApps
  • eStakes
  • VR / AR / Unity Integration
  • Off-chain Encryption
  • Lower Supply
  • Rinkeby Beta Testing
  • GRWI.IO Integration
  • Exchange + In-house Swap
  • Member Verification
  • Tipping
  • Code Audit

A word from our lead blockchain developer Adam regarding the necessities of forking to Ethereum as opposed to other similar blockchain tokens:

Since I’m not a native English speaker, I will just put here some bullet points to explain why we will move to ERC20 (Ethereum token):

Bitcoin (which the current form of GRWI is an evolution of) has been designed as a currency, not a programmable blockchain. Therefore implementation of a tracking system or genome repository on that technology would be difficult and prone to mistakes. In short, we’ve gone as far as we can go with Bitcoin-style blockchain. Ethereum offers a greater set of tools we will require for our current and future plans.

Ethereum has been created with programmability in mind, so there are already many standardized ways of implementing certain solutions which we can build from in the Open Source community.

With Ethereum, it is easier to create fully auditable software, that makes it easy to verify. Compliance with future legislation and regulation will require this level of verification.

Ethereum has a much larger development community than any other blockchain technology, so we can design and create custom solutions much faster.

We can also count on support of key root Ethereum organizations (like Ethereum Foundation or OpenZeppelin) which actively supports implementation of blockchain technology in non technical business industries.

There is a very well developed toolset available for the Ethereum blockchain and this will accelerate our production timelines considerably, especially in the particularly important area of UI/UX.

It will be much easier to implement a transparent shareholders system, a customer loyalty system and other similar features based on smart contracts and ERC20 tokens.

On the new blockchain, GRWI will become exchangeable on decentralized exchanges (like Etherdelta) and in this way will always be easily exchangeable into many assets available on the Ethereum platform.”

Adam Skrodzki
Growers International (Lead Blockchain Developer)

Extensive details soon to come.
Please feel free to ask us questions!


  1. Hi is there any update as to when this will happen?
    Is there a discord or telegram group if so could you please provide links

    Many thanks

    1. We are doing final testing now. Keep in mind that the old chain will continue to be supported throughout the swap as well. Each GRWI will be able to swap 1:1 with GRWIT to enable use of our upcoming dAPP features. Thanks!
      Telegram: https://t.co/LDowCh3gCM
      Discord: https://t.co/nMSVHyGq8z

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